Gradplaza Women's Ankle High Sheer Nylon Socks Soft Tight Hosiery with Reinforced Toe

  • High quality ankle nylon stockings,great sheer socks, ankle panty hose nylon socks for women.Great thin trouser socks for women.
  • Silk Socks,Smooth Ankle Dress Socks,Remarkably Comfortable,Middle Thickness, Long Lasting.Great sheer socks for women.
  • Reinforced Toe,Prevent Runs, Snags and Tears.Your toes will stay covered and protected all day,for maximum comfort and style.
  • Perfect for Dresses,Ankle Boots,High Heels,etc.Suitable for Any Casual, Business or Formal Occasions.Both Hand Wash and Machine Wash are OK.Hand Wash Preferred.
  • Packed In a Nice Gift Box.These ankle stocking socks will make a great gift.Perfect thin dress socks for women.

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